Alex Dewey Moseley is my youngest sibling, and my only brother.  When I initially began pursuing my photography more seriously, Alex’s high school senior pictures were the first stepping stone for building more portfolio.  Not only did the pictures turn out better than expected, but I it made me very happy and honored to do his photos.  For this ‘session’, Alex traveled from home in Wichita, KS, to me in Fort Collins.  Needless to say, there probably were not many kids in his school which had outdoor shots with mountains in the backdrop!  If you would like to leave a comment about this page, please click here to visit the comments board.

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This was my favorite photo.  The random “smoking” chairs in the alley near old downtown (Fort Collins) presented an irresistible opportunity.


image-101.jpg image-41.jpg

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This was another favorite photo of mine because I enjoy intermixing the modern looks with the old, rustic, used objects.  Which is also maybe why I also enjoyed the chairs in the alley!  For this shot, I posed Alex around an old steel beam sculpture.  Ironically Alex didn’t care much for the outcome even though I loved it!