Raul is a friend that I had met through my uncle’s company.  He and Becky are a great couple.  They were married on August 25th at a Catholic church (though I cannot recall the name) near Federal and Hampden.  This wedding was an experience I won’t soon forget!  I began taking pictures in the early morning and did not complete until late in the evening.  Kara and I calculated that time spent was nearly 12 hours…that’s alot of time to spend actively moving on your feet!!  My other big experience was that there were 14 attendants for each the bride and the groom!  To top it off, the bride was delayed by appointments and one of the limousines was AWOL.  So unfortunately, we were not able to take the pictures they so rightly deserved for their special day.  I’m hoping to make [partial] amends by taking them out in the spring for pictures of them together.  If you would like to leave a comment about this page, please click here to visit the comments board.